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aluKOM-Ex enclosures datasheet download
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aluKOM-Ex, ATEX, IECEx - datasheets and certificates

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aluKOM-Ex 3D

Aluminum alloy

AL-diecast alloy (109,52 KB)


Corrosion proof coating RoHS-conform (optional)

Surtec 650 (52,78 KB)
Zinc prime powder (32,98 KB)


Silicon gasket (52,27 KB)

Lid screws

Ingress protection

Enclosures tolerances


ATEX Certificate (559,58 KB)
GOST-R Ex (russian) (257,12 KB)

EC-Type Examination Certificates

KEMA 02ATEX2054 (396,83 KB)
KEMA 02ATEX2054 U (402,08 KB)

Test report aluKOM-Ex

IECEx Certificate of Conformity

Operating instructions IECEx