Corporate Philosophy

ROLEC is an innovative and highly expert specialist manufacturer of enclosures, suspension systems and command enclosures for industrial applications.

We are a medium-sized family company, steering our global business from our German headquarters in Rinteln an der Weser. Our team of around 100 employees delivers pioneering new developments, superb product quality and excellent customer service.

One of our particular strengths is customizing enclosures ready for installation. Using state of the art CNC machining equipment, we manufacture enclosures to our customers' precise specifications. We can deliver finished products at short notice and just in time on request. Learn more here.

We keep all our products in stock for fast availability and offer a sample service for evaluation. That's standard service at ROLEC.

ROLEC is conscious of its financial and social responsibilities. Values have always been extremely important to us in our interactions with staff, customers and partners. Attainment of our business goals becomes possible only through collaboration with all of them.

We have outlined our principles under the title "ROLEC – Today and Tomorrow". We use them as the foundation for defining our mutual actions now and in the future.

ROSE family the founders of ROLEC

1. Our business fields

ROLEC's core competences are found in developing first-class enclosures.

  • Our main focus is on delivering the best customer advantages possible during the development and production phases for our enclosures.
  • We constantly strive to provide custom solutions in order to satisfy the changing needs of our customers with the highest level of service at all times.
  • Customers, markets and our special skills are the benchmark in everything we do.

ROLEC is persistent in pursuing the objective of being the innovation leader in the markets we have chosen.

2. Satisfied customers constitute the foundation to our success

We are here today thanks to our customers.

  • When a customer has a question, we listen carefully. When a customer has a special need, we try to meet it. This is how we constantly improve our products, our services and our long-term business relationships.
  • ROLEC provides its customers with first-class products and services.
  • We support customer wishes with on-site presence to the greatest degree possible with support from our global network.

We create true added value for our customers' applications.

3. Innovations are centred on our core business fields

We develop and supply innovative solutions in collaboration with our customers and suppliers.

  • Our solutions in high quality enclosures ensure that our customers' applications receive the best support possible and deliver long-term value retention.
  • Our enclosures not only enhance the quality of customer products, they also improve the design and technology.
  • Our product lines and product solutions are developed with the help of active global research in technology, and are developed through communication with our international partners.
  • We are interested in cooperation opportunities and projects for expanding into new business opportunities.

When developing new innovations we focus on our core/main business segments.

4. Our suppliers can also turn into partners

A good supplier can become a strategic partner - and therefore a key factor to our success.

  • We are always interested in establishing long-term, reliable business relationships with our suppliers.
  • We rely on our suppliers. Accordingly, that also means we expect quality, punctuality and reliability. Both sides profit from mutual innovations and enhancements, yet this only becomes possible through good supplier relationships.
  • The cost-benefit ratio of our suppliers must have a healthy relationship to our long-term concepts regarding quality and service.

Suppliers who are decisive to our business and equally trustworthy can become strategic partners.

5. We would like to tap into the opportunities of global trade

We are close to our customers and understand their needs.

  • ROLEC's products are available everywhere were there is a need and the right market conditions.
  • We actively analyse and enter markets all over the world.
  • In every nation in the world, ROLEC respects the people, their special culture and their natural environment.
  • All ROLEC products are marketed internationally.
  • We are excited about finding new cooperation opportunities - wherever in the world there is a new market to be entered.

On the global market, we act fast and take long-term perspectives into consideration.

6. Our employees are the key to our success

Motivated employees are our most valuable success factor.

  • Open, respectful interaction with each other is the prerequisite for long-term successful development of our company.
  • ROLEC promotes a continuous improvement process with consistent advancement of training and education among our staff. In exchange, we expect all employees to contribute their personal skills to the company as best they can.
  • We encourage each individual to make recommendations and show initiative to that end. When mistakes take place, we talk about them openly. We interpret them to be lessons to learn together for the future.
  • Personal goals and business targets are always marked by joint interests.

Our employees represent our greatest potential, which helps us to clearly stand apart from the competition.

7. Our managers serve as role models

Our managers have additional duties to assume.

  • Our management team is responsible for the motivation and development of all team members. They contribute to the display of socially-, culturally- and environmentally-oriented consciousness.
  • All managers direct their personal initiative to the overriding goal, and are measured in relation to the responsibility placed upon them.
  • The management team have national and international networks, and each one of them is correspondingly mobile.
  • Every member of management contributes to the standing positive image of the ROLEC brand - both internally and externally.

All of our managers and employees come together to form a strong team.

8. We are a family company with anchored values

ROLEC is a living example for the particular strengths of a traditional family company.

  • ROLEC's continuation as a family-run company has top priority.
  • Our family business philosophy offers personal development opportunities to a special degree. It requires personal dedication, responsibility and willingness to cooperate from each and every individual­. This not only involves the maintenance of successful tradition and personal bonds, but also flexibility, quick decisions and addressing individual needs.
  • Our entrepreneurial action accounts for the special responsibility to our environment and to society in the broadest sense. The ROLEC style is genuine, straight-forward and directed at continuity.
  • Borrowed and equity capital have always had a solid, healthy ratio at ROLEC. Consequently, long-term value development is more important to us than short-term profits.
  • Efficiency, profitability, implementation of resources and the right kind of value creation are necessary for maintaining the company's financial strength intact over the long term. They should also secure long-term independence from outside lenders.

As an independent family company, ROLEC guarantees permanent value development.


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