Caring for the planet

As a family company, with the second generation now also developing and producing enclosures, we do of course reflect upon the future. We would like to leave our children and grandchildren with an ecology, economic situation and social fabric that is as sustainable as possible. We are of the opinion that one cannot be had without the other. That is why at ROLEC we place environmental perspectives on the same level with social and economic perspectives. Thus, we constantly ask ourselves what can we do as a producer of enclosures to act as environmently friendly as possible in our daily work.

Disposal and recycling


In today's world, optimal waste management is no longer an urgent necessity alone, it is also a success factor that should not be underestimated. It makes a sustainable contribution to efficient operational procedures and profitable cost structures.

That is why ROLEC places its trust in a specialist in water and recycling management: REMONDIS. The company has a broad range of services covering virtually every field. The central focus is on establishing closed material cycles. For processing materials and returning them into the business cycle is the best path for a sustainable future from an economical and ecological perspective.

REMONDIS' special expertise is underscored by its sustainability certificate. The certificate was developed based on the DIN EN ISO 14040 eco balance in collaboration with the independent institute ATZ. The certificate can be used to identify the savings attained in primary raw materials, energy and greenhouse gas emissions through the processing of waste and residual materials. The entire service chain can be implemented into the analysis - from logging the waste and transport, sorting and preparation to utilisation of the respective fractions. Ergo, a partner who thinks like we do.

Gas, water and environmental protection

Gas, water and environmental protection

The public utility companies in Rinteln meet their ecological obligations by actively promoting and implementing environment friendly technologies and consulting with their customers accordingly. One example of this is the Rinteln-Deckbergen solar park. The Rinteln public utility companies furthermore participate with other public utility companies in a green energy pool. The pool is assessed and awarded by the certification organisation TÜV NORD CERT. Moreover, they invest in certified emissions reductions projects all over the world - for sustainable protection of our planet. It's not always about the price.

The ROLEC block-unit power station

Energy efficiency

We invested in energy-efficient technology years ago, installing a block-unit power station on our company site. It generates power and heat simultaneously. This power-heat coupling has proven to be the ideal solution for the rather enormous demand for power and heat for enclosure processing. The block-unit power plant saves our company a significant volume of energy, thereby also effecting a clear reduction in consumption costs.



Registration - Evaluation - Authorisation of Chemicals (REACh)

Safe implementation of materials throughout the entire value creation chain

Here you can find out more about ROLEC and REACh.



Directive 2011 / 65 / EU "Reduction of hazardous substances" (RoHS)

Safety and transparency with the selected material

Here you can find out more about ROLEC and RoHS.


Recycling partnership

ROLEC works with an excellent recycling partner interseroh who provide comprehensive disposal management services as well as recycling of packaging and used products.


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