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aluDISC & aluDISC Ex accessories

aluDISC technical data >>
aluDISC Ex technical data >>

The range of accessories for our aluDISC & aluDISC Ex enclosures is listed below: (Note: aluDISC enclosure part numbers are shown below, for aluDISC Ex enclosures refer to the Type numbers).

Enclosure with hinged protection cover

Enclosure supplied
with hinged
protection cover

Internal mounting plate

Internal mounting
plate kit

Lid support straps (1 pair)

Lid support straps
(1 pair)

Type Size With hinged
protection cover
Internal mounting
plate kit
Lid support
AR080 4.33"x3.82"x2.17" No 280.080.000 507.080.300 510.000.100
AR100 5.12"x4.69"x2.56" No 280.100.000 507.100.300 510.000.100
AR120 5.91"x5.47"x3.15" No 280.120.000 507.120.300 510.000.100
AR120 5.91"x5.47"x3.15" Yes 280.120.100 507.120.300 -
AR160 7.48"x7.05"x3.54" No 280.160.000 507.160.300 510.000.100