technoDISC enclosures IIoT application

Highly attractive round plastic enclosures for modern electronics

Detachable trims hide the lid fixings and mounting screws

technoDISC can be mounted without opening the lid (protecting the electronics inside)

Recessed lid for fitting a membrane keypad, label or face plate

Screw pillars in the base and lid for fitting PCBs, displays etc

Optional internal mounting plates (customized on demand)



An absolute all-rounder in every respect

IP 66 - Optional: IP 67

The key product features:
• Enclosure material: ASA + PC
• Enclosure colour similar to RAL 7035
• Clip-on Design covers
• The enclosure can be mounted when the lid is fitted
• Integrated recess to accommodate membrane keypad or front plate
• Fastening options in the enclosure bottom for internal mountings
• Lid screws stainless steel 1.4567
• Fire protection class UL-94 V0
• Ingress protection IP 66
• Enclosure seal: Silicone moulded seal


technoDISC is a unique range of high performance plastic enclosures for industrial electronics. It is especially ideal for Industry 4.0 and IIOT applications.

The enclosures have a modern and highly attractive individual appearance with no visible fixing screws. Dark grey snap-on lid trims hide all of the assembly and mounting screws — providing tamper protection. The lid is recessed for locating a membrane keypad, front plate or product label.

technoDISC is available in four standard sizes with plenty of space inside for PCBs and electronic components. The enclosure can be mounted without opening the lid using the separate mounting channels (protecting the electronics inside). Screw pillars are molded in the lid and base sections for fitting PCBs, mounting plates and electronic assemblies.

Accessory lid retaining straps, internal mounting plates and cable glands are available.

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  Type Part No. Length Width Height Weight (g) Mounting point D Mounting point E Measurement F Measurement G Shielding Protection Class IP 67 Supporting rail for series terminals Protection Class IP 66 Download Add to my list
technoDISC_080 TD 080 285.080.000 4,33 3,82 2,17 216 3,46 1,67 1,08 0,28 o o o o Download Add to my list
technoDISC_100 TD 100 285.100.000 5,12 4,69 2,56 350 3,86 2,60 1,57 1,20 o o o o Download Add to my list
technoDISC_120 TD 120 285.120.000 5,91 5,47 3,15 395 4,53 3,09 2,17 1,63 o o o o Download Add to my list
TechnoDisc_160 TD 160 285.160.000 7,48 7,05 3,54 712 6,06 3,82 2,56 2,38 o o o o Download Add to my list
  Part No. Length Width Height Add to my list
technoDISC_080 285.080.000 4,33 3,82 2,17 Add to my list
technoDISC_100 285.100.000 5,12 4,69 2,56 Add to my list
technoDISC_120 285.120.000 5,91 5,47 3,15 Add to my list
TechnoDisc_160 285.160.000 7,48 7,05 3,54 Add to my list
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Enclosure sizes

Further information

Integrated recesses for membrane keypads or front plates
Functional and extensive range of accessories


ASA+PC, similar to RAL 7035 light gray
Special material on request
2° mold slope for casting ejection, internal circumference dimensions decrease by 2° towards the enclosure base
Snap-on design covers, plastic polyoxymethylene (POM), RAL 7016 anthracite gray


UL 94 V-0


Separate screw channels outside of the enclosure interior, enclosure to be fastened while the lid is closed

Internal mountings

Fastening option for self-tapping screws on the base of the enclosure and in the lid

Ingress protection

IP 66 / EN 60529
Optional: IP 67 / EN 60529


Silicone moulded gasket
Optional: EMC gasket

Lid screws

Stainless steel 1.4567, captive

ROLEC Service

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Assembly instructions

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Ingress protection

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