Extruded electronics enclosures are the smart choice

Extruded aluminum handheld enclosures

There are some very good reasons why extrusions make such good enclosures. Not least is the sleek modern design of ROLEC extruded enclosures and all the inherent benefits. (It’s so easy to slide in the PCBs).

But there’s also another big point in their favour: customization.

Cutting extruded enclosures to bespoke sizes is quick and easy. And faster manufacturing means we can ship them to you more rapidly.

Extruded custom enclosures are also more cost effective than other bespoke housings – which means you can order them in smaller batches. All of which means that upgrading from a standard case to a custom enclosure is no problem whatsoever.

ROLEC offers five ranges of extruded electronics enclosures:

  • mobilCASE – handheld cases for slide-in PCBs
  • aluDISPLAY – big aluminum enclosures for handheld controllers
  • topVISION – industry standard polyester ATEX certified enclosures for use in hazardous environments
  • multiVISION KOMMANDO – highly versatile IP65 enclosure range manufactured to the precise external dimensions you need
  • multiVISION DISPLAY – IP65 command and display enclosures made to your requirements.
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