New accessories for mobilCASE handheld enclosures

mobilCASE enclosures

February 2013

ROLEC has extended its mobilCASE range of handheld extruded enclosures with new case combinations and accessories. It enables these robust and highly attractive aluminum cases to be used in even more applications.

ROLEC mobilCASE enclosures can be used for either cable connected or battery powered equipment such as data-collection units, machine controllers, robot programmers and test and measurement devices. The new configurations include portable models with shoulder straps and bump protection.

There are also desktop models with a tilt stand which can be set at different angles, and display models with swivel brackets which can be fitted to a desktop, wall or control panel. A new holder accessory also allows mobilCASE industrial housings to be stationed on a pole or bracket when not in use.

The construction of these enclosures consists of a single or two-piece anodised aluminum case body with internal guides rails. Two black die cast aluminum end panels are fitted to the extrusions using self-tapping screws. The cases can be sealed to IP 65 protection class.

The innovative mobilCASE design incorporates a round edge section which is very easy to hold. It also acts as a battery compartment. An M16 cable gland can be fitted in place of the battery compartment, allowing for cable connection to the host machine. The extended range now consists of 12 standard sizes with external dimensions from 4.64" x 4.72" x 3.14" to 6.61" x 9.44" x 5.11". The recessed top section can be used for mounting push-button switches, membrane keypads, a joy-stick or tracker ball controls. For a full demonstration, watch the mobilCASE video

ROLEC can supply these enclosures fully customized with extra holes for push-buttons, displays, connectors and cable glands. Also, the cases can be silk-screen printed with customer legends and logos.

Features of mobilCASE enclosures include:

  • Waterproof aluminum handheld housings for indoor and outdoor applications
  • IP 65 housings with single part box section extrusion for slide-in PCBs
  • IP 54 housings with clip-together two-part extrusion for easy mounting of PCBs with pre-fitted displays, keypads and switches.
  • Also available with swivel mounts and tilt stands
  • Diecast lids (flat or deep) are used to close the ends of the case extrusion
  • Recessed area in case extrusion for membrane keypads or product labels
  • Deep lid version with large screw plug for inserting battery packs or a cable gland
  • Compatible cable glands
  • Accessories include battery holders, adaptor screw with cable gland, case holder, carry strap
  • Assembly – case extrusion, 0.31" flat diecast lid, 0.62" deep diecast lid, TPE lid gaskets (x2), screw plug, assembly screw with clear gasket, black cover plug (x6).
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