Enclosures with recessed lids for membrane keypads

Enclosures with lids for fitting membrane keypads

Not all enclosure manufacturers build their housings with recessed lids. Many don’t bother when it comes to their electrical enclosure ranges. ROLEC is different. All their latest housings have recesses – including those aimed at the electrical market rather than electronics.

We think it’s important. Not least because labels that sit proud on flat lids have a nasty habit of getting scuffed and curling up at the edges.

But by far the most important function of a recess is to accurately locate a membrane keypad. So the recesses on ROLEC enclosures take up virtually the entire lid, enabling you to fit bigger keypads with greater functionality or larger buttons.

It’s a design feature you’ll find across the ROLEC aluminum enclosure ranges – whether you specify an aluCASE ‘go anywhere’ IP 69K and IP 67 box or a click-to-fit aluCLIC housing (also IP 67/ 69K).

ROLEC has even made recessed lids a feature of aluDISC – the world’s first round standard aluminum electronic enclosures. And lid recesses are not just reserved for metal enclosures. They’re also standard on ROLEC’s plastic enclosures: starCASE, technoCASE and techoBOX (all IP 66).

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