Versatile extruded aluminium display enclosures

Enclosures for display systems

They might be designed for mounting on walls and machines but ROLEC’s aluDISPLAY enclosures are great for point of sale applications too.

Especially ones that involve moving the display to and fro between operator and customer.

Those brackets you see in the photo are normally for wall mounting but sit them horizontally instead and they open up a whole range of desktop or countertop applications.

These robust IP54 aluminum display housings were originally designed for tough working environments. (ROLEC IP rated enclosures also include IP 65, IP 66, IP 67 and IP 69K).

ROLEC aluDISPLAY housings are perfect for industrial settings that are too harsh for ABS. It makes them ideal for process control systems. Their sleek and attractive aluminum construction means they are equally at home in high tech offices too.

ROLEC aluDISPLAY comes in three standard sizes: 13.11" x 8.81" x 2.40"; 15.51" x 11.18" x 2.40" and 17.91" x 13.54" x 2.40". Their extrusion-based design also makes them quick, easy and cost effective to cut to custom lengths.

These smart enclosures feature:

  • guide rails for installing PCBs
  • clip-on length trims to hide the cover mounting screws
  • clip-on width trims to assist with sealing and aesthetics.
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