ROLEC sealed IP 66 plastic enclosures

Sealed enclosures

ROLEC is best known for its diecast aluminum enclosures for industrial electronics (and its V2A and V4A stainless steel cases). But the firm also manufactures heavy duty plastic enclosures designed to cope with a broad spectrum of working environments.

ROLEC’s glass reinforced polyester enclosures are highly resistant to chemicals. Toughest is polyTOP (IP 66, IP 67) – fully insulated polyester cases in 13 industry standard sizes. Features include corrosion-proof stainless steel inserts and optional moulded lid fixing screws.

Meanwhile, polyDOOR (one of ROLEC’s wide range of IP 66 electronic enclosures) offers a hinged lid and the option of a transparent window. Completing the GRP range is polyKOM – tough, cost effective IP 65 cases in 15 standard industry sizes. They’re similar to ROLEC’s tried and tested metal aluKOM range.

Need a case that can withstand hard knocks? Specify technoCASE in tough polycarbonate – the thermoplastic used in riot shields and CDs. It’s also available in ABS as standard. IP 66-rated technoCASE’s recessed lid can accommodate a metal front panel, membrane keypad or product label. Fixing screws are hidden beneath colour-coded trims. Integral lid hinges are covered. Highly versatile technoCASE allows users to combine different high and low sections to create their desired enclosure. Choose from 25 sizes. Watch this video to find out more.

Need enclosures for outdoor electronics? Specify technoPLUS pole mounted enclosures – each has a dedicated mast attachment as standard and is moulded from ASA Luran for UV stability. IP 66/67 technoPLUS is designed to be installed at height: lid fixing screws are captured to stop them falling out during installation; retaining straps hold the lid in place when it is open.

ROLEC also offers ABS enclosures (IP 66) for indoor use. The starCASE range can be installed ‘lid closed’ to protect the electronics and seal. Benefits also include concealed fixing screws, integrated lid straps plus an optional lid lock, security kit and security pins.

Then there’s the technoBOX range – modern and attractive enclosures in 10 industry standard sizes (nine with recessed lids).

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