Why your Command Enclosures should be stunning

Specifying command enclosures for HMI

Your command and control electronics represent the nerve centre of your product – the absolute focus of user attention. Touchscreen ergonomics and a perfect user experience are vital. Auto manufacturers know this. That’s why they lavish design time and quality materials on the car parts that drivers touch most: the steering wheel, the gear knob, the switches.

But in this age of glass touchscreen displays, that’s not so easy for electronics manufacturers. Users aren’t gripping a leather-bound wheel…they’re touching a glass panel. And as far as the average operator is concerned, glass is glass. There’s virtually no differentiation.

So the only way to set your product apart is with your electronics and software. Or the command enclosure. It must be visually stunning and gorgeously tactile.

Which is where we come in…

Standard Command Enclosures…Custom-Manufactured To A Millimetre

We’ve established that your next command enclosure must be very special indeed. So let’s make that happen for you. What if you could have an ultra-modern standard command enclosure…but custom-manufactured with technical finesse to your precise requirements? For any conceivable mounting variant.

What if it could be manufactured to the exact height and width you need? To the exact millimetre. Anything up to 31.5" x 31.5". Sorry if a ‘custom-made standard enclosure’ sounds like a contradiction in terms. But that’s the easiest way to explain the difference between ‘custom’ and ‘customized’. Welcome to the world of new multiPANEL (IP 65) enclosures…

Specifying a customizable command enclosure such as multiPANEL offers you supreme versatility. These extruded aluminum enclosures are virtually borderless and capable of flush-fit integration. They can accommodate a huge range of commercially available panels.

Choose from:

  • three depths (2.75", 3.34", 5.11")
  • five front installation options
  • three rear door designs – fully bolted; with lock and external hinges;New with lockable framed door (two sizes) and internal hinges.

Those Important Little Touches…

New multiPANEL’s standard front plates are manufactured from 0.12" Al Mg 1 aluminum that has been silver anodized for a high quality finish.

But if you prefer, those plates can be custom-finished, drilled, stamped, printed or engraved. And you can swap the standard black (RAL 9005) powder coat finish for any colour of your choice. Perhaps you would like an optional handle. It makes multiPANEL even easier to manoeuvre when you mount it on the recommended profiPLUS 50 suspension arm. That ergonomic handle will look even better with your company logo laser-etched into its stainless steel plate…

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