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profiPANEL enclosures for HMI and machine controls

Has it really been two years since we launched multiPANEL? Time just flies by when you’re redefining the future of machine control enclosures. We created multiPANEL to be the HMI nerve centre of Industry 4.0 and smart factory operations. Hence its futuristic aesthetics. And two years on, it’s still cutting edge.

Which begs the question…if multiPANEL is so innovative, why did we launch new profiPANEL? As a multiPANEL successor? No – as an alternative (and so much more). But what’s the difference between the two models? And which is best for your application?

New profiPANEL Is More Cost Effective

Let’s cut to the chase. The big difference is the price. New profiPANEL is significantly more cost effective than multiPANEL. But does that mean it’s a lesser enclosure? No, far from it. New profiPANEL is incredibly versatile – arguably even more versatile than multiPANEL. Both models offer:

  • ultra-modern, soft-contoured curves
  • virtually edgeless flush mounting of a front plate
  • bespoke sizes up to 31.5" x 31.5" (800 x 800 mm).

But profiPANEL has a few extra tricks up its sleeve – and it offers a whole of options and accessories that are available from day one.

Simpler Design – For Greater Efficiencies

New profiPANEL has a simpler design than multiPANEL. It retains the design aesthetics but is based on three basic profile depths. Keeping it simple makes it easier and therefore more cost effective to manufacture profiPANEL compared with multiPANEL. You still get the virtually edgeless, flush-mounted front plate but it is permanently connected to the main enclosure body. Smart and unfussy.

We’ve kept the internal mountings simple too for rapid installation of PCBs. They slide in on M4/M5 spring nuts. And remember – enclosures that are easier to manufacture are also easier to customize ready for your electronics. That mean more cost effective cases. It also means that you can specify customized enclosures in lower volumes.

New profiPANEL Offers You More Space

More space – and a greater choice of standard depths. Both multiPANEL and profiPANEL are available in plan sizes up to 31.5" x 31.5" (800 x 800 mm) but you can specify profiPANEL in a larger (and deeper) range of depths:

  • multiPANEL depths – 2.75", 3.34", 5.11"
  • profiPANEL depths – 2.36", 3.54", 4.72", 5.90", 7.08", 8.26", 9.44", 11.81".

How? By offering profiPANEL 2.36" and 3.54" profiles in different combinations to create the eight different standard depths. Result – a command enclosure that can be specified at least twice as deep as multiPANEL.

Keyboard Options

There are four keyboard trays and one mouse tray available for multiPANEL as accessories. The keyboard trays can be specified as either rigid or swiveling – each in two sizes (14.96" and 17.71"). They are all protected by a corrosion-proof coating.

But profiPANEL goes a stage further by offering a desk connection enclosure in depths of either 2.36" or 3.54". This is a tougher option – a full metal jacket to help protect your keyboard from impact and water or dust ingress (IP 65).

Dedicated profiPLUS 50 and 70 Suspension Arms

Need a stronger arm with a larger load capacity? Or one with larger capacity sections to accommodate more cables? It is possible to specify the larger profiPLUS 70 arm with a 70-50 adapter. Find out more here about profiPLUS 50 and profiPLUS 70 suspension arms.

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