Take a good look at the ROLEC’s IP67 enclosure ranges and you will see many things: innovation, quality, attention to detail. But there is one thing you won’t see on IP67 aluminum housings like aluCASE, aluDISC and aluPLUS – the fixings.

They are all concealed beneath clip-on covers…and the reasons are more than simply cosmetic. The clip-on covers provide an extra degree of weather protection for the fixing screws which are deliberately located outside the main sealed area of the electrical housing.

Why do we locate the fixing screws outside the seal on these enclosures?

Simple – it means they can be installed with lids closed, ensuring absolute protection for the electronics inside. And to protect the fixing screws, we add the extra covers – so when you come to unscrew them again for servicing, the screws will not have suffered any weather damage.

Hiding the fixing screws can also help to deter tampering in applications where it may be an issue, such as in clinical workplace environments (where Torx T10 security screws are recommended). And that’s the point. ROLEC’s modern enclosures don’t just look good for the sake of it. They look good for a reason – form follows function, innovation begets elegance.

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