With the ever-accelerating growth of wireless, your electronics are under increasing threat from electromagnetic interference. EMC gaskets with conductive mesh are one solution but they can be fragile, expensive and must usually be specified as an accessory.

Surely there must be a better way? There is – ROLEC conFORM.

These tough and dependable aluminum housings don’t need special gaskets. Their RFI/EMI shielding is built in as standard at the casting stage. So you don’t need to worry about how often you have to unscrew the lid – integrated teeth in the base make good contact with ridges in the lid every time. That means peace of mind…and money saved on costly shielded gaskets.

ROLEC conFORM is extremely versatile – perfect for a wide range of applications involving sensitive or noisy industrial equipment. Fourteen sizes are available from 3.11" x 3.30" x 1.73" to 10.55" x 6.61" x 3.93". They’re weatherproof and waterproof – conFORM is one of 16 ROLEC ranges rated to IP 66.

Accessories include internal mounting plates, external mounting brackets, external hinges, internal lid retaining straps, panel mounting kits and terminal mounting rails.

These enclosures are also available with a deep recessed lid for protecting controls and switches. For more information see conTROL enclosures.

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