You know how much protection your electronics will need. You’ve narrowed it down to a rating – such as IP 66. But there are still lots of questions to be answered before you’re ready with your final specifications. Such as the case material…

Strong, light, non-corroding aluminum enclosures are an obvious initial choice – and ROLEC offers a wide selection. But diecast aluminum is by no means the only option. ROLEC also manufactures:

  • Polycarbonate and ABS enclosures such as IP 66-rated technoCASE. It’s available in a huge range of standard sizes. Polycarbonate is very tough and it’s also UV resistant (although ASA+PC-FR is better for this)
  • GRP enclosures (highly resistant to chemicals). Two of our three glass reinforced polyester cases are rated IP 66 – polyTOP and polyDOOR (hinged lids, with/without window). Both offer optional moulded lid screws with a choice of screw heads
  • Stainless steel (A2 and A4) enclosures – the toughest of the tough, particularly suited to challenging marine and offshore environments. Rated IP 66/67/69K.

There are lots of other considerations. Will your enclosure be fitted to a wall, machine or bulkhead? Or handheld? Or mounted on a suspension arm system? Our commandCASE (IP66) is ideal for the latter task.

Will you require industry standard sizes? Or the added protection (and aesthetic benefits) of hidden fixings? ROLEC’s aluPLUS gives you both these benefits plus much more.

Like a number of other ROLEC enclosures, aluPLUS also offers the benefit of ‘lid closed’ installation, protecting the seal and the electronics.

What about RFI/EMI shielding? Our conFORM or conTROL cases have built-in contact ridges so expensive shielding gaskets are not required. And conTROL features a deeply recessed lid to protect buttons and switches. It’s the go-to enclosure for machine control applications.

Then there are other factors, such as whether your enclosure will require two chambers (aluTWIN) or ATEX certification for hazardous areas (aluKOM-EX). Or whether – in a market dominated by rectangular cases – you’d prefer the world’s first round standard aluminium enclosures for electronics.

Benefit from our full service offer for installation-ready enclosures.

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