Heavy duty electronics used to get a raw deal when it came to enclosures. Back in the day the average IP-rated metal box was ‘prosaic’ to put it politely.

Then ROLEC rewrote the rulebook with modern aesthetics and smart design features such as concealed fixings, recessed lids and ‘lid closed’ installation. So now industrial electronics designers face a very pleasant new dilemma: there’s such a wide choice of diecast aluminum cases!

Where to start? Here…

Premium Diecast Aluminum Enclosures: aluCASE (IP 67/69k)

ROLEC’s flagship diecast aluminum cases are available in 29 sizes (two with transparent lids) – aluCASE’s technical features include:

‘Lid closed’ installation protects the electronics and the seal – so you don’t have to open the enclosure when installing it in a challenging location. Clip-on plastic POM covers hide the fixing screws (and help protect them from the weather). The generous lid recess offers plenty of space for a membrane keypad or product label. Integrated polypropylene straps support the lid (or you can opt for aluminum exterior hinges with no visible outer screws).

Need extra security? Specify the optional key lock.

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Diecast Enclosures In Standard Industry Sizes: aluPLUS (IP 66/67)

All the technical finesse of aluCASE…but in eight industry-standard sizes (4,92" x 3,30" x 2,32" to 10,23" x 6.29" x 3,54"). Like aluCASE, aluPLUS offers ‘go anywhere’ installation possibilities: fit it to machines, walls or bulkheads.

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World’s First ‘Round’ Aluminum Electronic Enclosures: aluDISC (IP 66/67/69k)

Most metal enclosures are rectangular but aluDISC broke the mold – combining a round recessed keypad/display area with two flat faces that accommodate connectors and cable glands. Available in four sizes, one of which (AR120) offers a transparent polycarbonate lid option. Need Ex round enclosures? Ask the sales team for more information.

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Click-To-Fit Enclosures You Can Install Faster: aluCLIC (IP 66/67/69k)

Slash your maintenance times with aluCLIC – enclosures simply click into place on a cleverly designed mounting bracket. Uninstall and reinstall aluCLIC in seconds. The world’s first quick change case can be freed from its mounting bracket just by disengaging the snap-lock. See how fast it clicks into place…

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Easy To Install…But With Added Security: aluSMART (IP 66/67/69k)

Like the idea of aluCLIC but want more security? Tough aluSMART also features a clever mounting bracket but this time the enclosure is held in place by four easily accessible screws. It’s the perfect trade-off between easy installation and greater security. Specify aluSMART in three sizes from 5,11" x 3,54" x 2,75" to 7,87" x 5,11" x 2,75".

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Twin-Chamber Aluminium Enclosures: aluTWIN (IP 66/67)

And not just two compartments – aluTWIN also boasts two lids. So one chamber can stay sealed while you’re accessing the other. Choose from a range of lid variants including deep recesses to protect buttons or membrane keyboards.

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