In 1987 enclosures specialist ROLEC had a vision that would completely transform the design of diecast aluminum enclosures for automation and machine control. Three key design features turned a pioneering new enclosure – aluNORM – into what is now the industry’s benchmark for technical excellence and dependability.

Robust aluNORM’s popularity has made it ROLEC’s largest range of industrial electronic enclosures. Its 86 sizes (1.96" x 2.55" x 1.57" to 25.1" x 12.6" x 4.72") offer a wealth of choice for OEM electronics designers seeking diecast IP 66 enclosures.

Three Design Innovations That Changed Industrial Enclosures Forever

This is the trio of innovations that made aluNORM such a big leap forward in the world of heavy duty electronic enclosures:

  • Innovation 1 – aluNORM features globally patented single screw channels. The screws that mount the enclosure to a wall, machine or bulkhead sit in the same channels as the lid screws. This frees up vital space inside the enclosure, enabling designers to specify smaller sizes and so reduce costs.
  • Innovation 2 – aluNORM uses a modular construction system that offers four possible variants for each plan size. It does so in a very simple way; each size comprises two interchangeable sections – one a deep base, the other a shallow lid. Specify two lids to create a shallow enclosure; or two bases to create a deep enclosure; or one of each to create two types of medium-depth enclosure (deep base/flat lid or flat base/deep lid).
  • Innovation 3 – it seems incredible now but even as late as 1987 the diecast enclosures sector had yet to adopt standard sizes. Enclosure technology innovator Friedhelm Rose used a mathematical formula to determine aluNORM’s sizes…making it easier to specify a range of different enclosure capacities for a project.
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