Two-Chamber Diecast Aluminium Electronic Enclosures – aluTWIN (and aluFACE)

Many of the design features that helped to make aluNORM such a success are also available on ROLEC’s two-chamber aluTWIN (IP 66/67) enclosures. Single screw channels are even more important on an enclosure like aluTWIN because there are twice as many lid screws.

Its dual-lid configuration means you can open one compartment for maintenance or inspection without having to disturb the seal on the other. This is a real boon in challenging locations with a high likelihood of water or dust ingress.

ROLEC aluTWIN is available in four main sizes ranging from 6.53" x 3.93" x 2.16" to 9.44" x 9.44" x 4.05". There are also two KTE variants with deeply recessed lids designed to protect large machine-control buttons. KTE 160 (6.29" x 9.44" x 4.72") and KTE 162 (9.44" x 9.44" x 4.72") are listed in the aluFACE range because of their deep lids. To compare the KTE cases with the main four aluTWIN enclosures more easily, see the aluTWIN accessories page.

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