Industrial electronic enclosures are almost always metal…and often diecast (as opposed to the folded metal cases found in rack cabinets). And with such a huge choice of diecast sealed enclosures, it is easy to assume that aluminum will always be the number one choice for your heavy duty housing.

But there is an alternative – plastic – which is more cost effective and easier to customize than metal.

Why Plastic Enclosures?

Not all plastic enclosures are made equal. There is a big difference between the average ABS enclosure destined primarily for indoor use and an industrial plastic housing designed to withstand a hard life in a factory.

Heavy duty plastic enclosures molded from an ASA+PC blend are tough enough to cope. And they are not just impact resistant – they are strong in other ways too.

Acrylic-styrene-acrylonitrile (ASA) polymers have similar properties to ABS but are far less vulnerable to outdoor weathering. ASA is UV stable so it can withstand the degrading effect of the sun’s rays. Add polycarbonate (PC) and the resulting blend is even tougher. Never forget that PC is the plastic of choice for riot shields!

Plastic is also lighter (ideal for applications where weight is a crucial issue) and it is electrically insulated. You don’t have to paint it either – simply specify your chosen colur at the molding stage.

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