New technoDISC Round Plastic Industrial Enclosures

No matter how ideal plastic may be for your industrial application, it can often be harder to specify the right case because of the market’s natural bias towards diecast metal cases for industrial electronics.

But ROLEC is different because it offers plastic versions of some of its most popular diecast aluminum enclosures. The newest addition to the range is technoDISC, an ASA+PC version of aluDISC, the world’s first diecast aluminum standard enclosure designed specifically for ‘round applications’ such as pipework.

Like aluDISC, new technoDISC has managed to overcome the almost impossible challenge of being visually round while still offering two flat sides for mounting cable glands, connectors and switches. The designers took their inspiration from the shape of a wristwatch.

Both technoDISC and aluDISC offer key technical features that set them apart:

  • ‘lid closed’ installation – protecting the seal and electronics from water or dust ingress when the cases are being installed in challenging locations
  • clip-on covers to hide the lid and fixing screws – and provide them with further protection from the elements
  • a generous integrated recess for membrane keypads or product labels
  • optional lid support straps.

If you need ingress protection to IP 66 or IP 67, then technoDISC could be a cost-effective option for you. If you need a higher IP rating – IP 69K – then we would recommend aluDISC round aluminum enclosures.

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