Specifying HMI Enclosures In The Industry 4.0 Age

What if you were to rethink the enclosure manufacturing journey? What if you put customization at the very start of the manufacturing process? What if you made customization the essential first step?

So we did – that’s how we can manufacture HMI/panel enclosures such as profiPANEL (up to IP 65) and multiPANEL (IP 65)  to your exact specifications so swiftly. Officially, they are standard enclosures…but it’s odd to think of them as ‘standard’ when your first move will be to specify their dimensions to within a millimetre (right up to 31.5" x 31.5").

In the case of multiPANEL, you can also choose which front plate variation you would prefer – and whether you would like a bolted rear wall, a bolted door, 0.60" framed door or 2.36" framed door. And dedicated versions are available for Siemens, Beckhoff and B&R displays.

So how are we able to offer ‘customization as standard’? It’s all in the design: the construction of multiPANEL and profiPANEL is based on aluminium profiles, making sizing easy. Versatile profiPANEL combines 2.36" and 3.54" profiles to offer eight different depths from 2.36" to 11.81".

Take a long and detailed look at profiPANEL and you’ll see that it offers much more than just a great range of sizes. Options and accessories include a separate desktop keyboard housing, keyboard and mouse trays, handles and mounting brackets. But despite all its versatility, profiPANEL is actually the more cost-effective choice – proving that getting more can cost you less.

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