Q2. Will You Be Installing Your Enclosures In Challenging Conditions?

Diecast electronic enclosures are designed to cope with some of the world’s most punishing environments, such as such as heavy industry and farm vehicles. Will you be attaching your electronics to the side of an tractor or truck? If so, you won’t want to open the enclosure lid during installation – not if you want to protect your fragile electronics from damaging dirt.

‘Lid closed’ installation is a must for situations such as this. Separate channels for the lid screws and mounting screws mean the sealed chamber stays shut: preserving seal integrity…and your sensitive electronics. This feature isn’t just for challenging outdoor locations. It is important for factories, particularly those in heavy industry. Diecast enclosures with lid closed installation include our premium aluCASE range.

But what if the operational environment is even more hazardous? What if your end users need to spend as little time in the danger zone as possible? The solution is this instance is aluCLIC, which simply clicks into place on a pre-installed mounting foot. This is an important safety feature for maintenance teams working in very hazardous conditions. With a screwdriver they can disengage the snap lock that holds the enclosure in place – take it to a safer environment for inspection and maintenance – then return to click the housing back in place.

Not every industrial location requires ‘lid closed’ or click-to-fit installation though: aluNORM has single channels to accommodate both the mounting screws and the lid assembly screws – freeing up more space inside for components.

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