Pivoting Wall/Machine Mounting Brackets For HMI/Panel Enclosures

A pair of pivoting wall brackets is all it takes to secure a multiPANEL enclosure to a wall, pillar, machine or any other solid structure. With a load capacity of 20 kg and a rotational range of 138°, these aluminum pivot brackets enable heavy screens to be rotated to the optimum angle for viewing and operation. They’re long enough to fit all depths of our multiPANEL enclosures – right up to 2.36" deep – and still allow screen movement about a vertical axis.

A second set of pivoting wall brackets is also available for our profiPANEL enclosures. They’re an option for the 3.54" and 5.90" deep panels within the range (which goes from 2.36" to 11.81" deep).

Both sets of pivot brackets are manufactured from aluminum and are powder coated – black (RAL 9005) for the multiPANEL connectors, light gray (RAL 7035) for the profiPANEL version. Custom colors are available on request.

Both sets of brackets – and the new mobile base – are part of the profiPLUS 50 modular suspension arm system. If you’re specifying multiPANEL or profiPANEL enclosures then we recommend profiPLUS 50 or the larger profiPLUS 70 as the most suitable suspension arm system (though we do offer other choices too – such as our new taraSMART arms for light-to-medium loads).

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