Why profiPLUS 50 Suspension Arms Are Ideal For multiPANEL And profiPANEL

Advanced, ergonomic, elegant: profiPLUS 50 suspension arms offer you all this in a huge range of standard options. The system is modular to you can configure the exact arm you need quickly and easily (thanks to the basket ordering system on our website). And the arms can be assembled very swiftly too because they have our patented one-screw adjustment system.

The arms can be mounted on walls, ceilings or floors. Stable and ergonomic ball-shaped joints make it easy to adjust screens to the optimum angle for viewing and operation. Cable protectors are integrated into all the rotating elements of each arm. And there are special mounting adaptors for connecting displays by leading manufacturers such as Siemens, B&R and Beckhoff – so you need only one arm system to handle a wide range of displays within your facility. All your arms will be compatible and they will all match.

Specify your perfect suspension arm(s) based on:

  • 12 different bases or joints for floor, wall or ceiling mounting
  • five lengths of extruded aluminum support profiles (9.84" to 59")
  • 16 adaptors
  • 52 couplings/elbows.

Load capacity for profiPLUS 50 arms depends on how you configure the various components. Normally, profiPLUS 50 can handle light-to-medium payloads up to 80 kg. But that drops by 25% if you’re adding a base or by 40% for an intermediate joint. Profile length also affects load capacity…

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