1. Customized vs Custom Enclosures For Your Industrial Electronics

There are two ways of specifying a custom enclosure for industrial electronics: the expensive way and the smart way. Going fully bespoke can be costly because it means starting with a blank sheet of paper. This is true for virtually any form of electronic enclosure – but especially so for the industrial sector because the cases will probably need to be diecast aluminum. That means higher tooling costs – not the most cost-effective way to go custom.

And then there’s the smart way – specifying a standard diecast (or stainless steel or GRP) enclosure and having it customized. Long ago, back in the days before ROLEC, this meant selecting a basic diecast metal box and creating a few apertures for cable glands, switches and connectors. The result was sturdy and functional but unlikely to be mistaken for an objet d’art.

But that was then…this is now, and customized industrial enclosures now look smart, modern and fit to grace any modern factory or technical facility that has one eye on production efficiency and the other on industro-architectural chic.

But what if you could have the best of both worlds? What if you could specify a housing to within a millimetre – ie, pretty much bespoke – and yet enjoy all the cost benefits of specifying a customizable standard enclosure? The fast-moving world of Industry 4.0, the Smart Factory and the Internet of Things is making all that possible.

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