Will Repeated Opening And Closing Of The Lid Damage The Ingress Protection Seal Or Shielding Gasket?

When it comes to ingress protection, any enclosure is only as good as its seal. And in turn, that seal can also have a weak point. Most IP seals feature a join – a potential vulnerability. But that is changing. Increasing numbers of ROLEC enclosures (including new aluDOOR) are now being fitted with new foamed-in IP seals that have no join: the seals are continuous, providing the reassurance of long-lasting protection.

Great – but what about the RFI/EMI gaskets? Anyone who’s ever handled these delicate lattice-works will tell you how notoriously fragile they are. Repeated opening and closing of enclosures puts these gaskets at risk, jeopardising the electrical continuity needed to ensure the integrity of the Faraday cage used to stop electromagnetic interference.

ROLEC’s answer is to offer two enclosure models that get rid of shielding gaskets altogether: our innovative conFORM range and deeply recessed conTROL enclosures both feature built-in RFI/EMI shielding thanks to a patented tooth system pre-cast into the lid and base. The teeth interlock, creating the connection needed to ensure continuity – over and over again, a great connection every time. You’ll be glad you specified this feature, especially when enclosures have to opened in challenging outdoor locations.

But there are other questions that can trouble the designers of industrial electronics…


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