Diecast aluPLUS vs Plastic technoPLUS – IP-Rated Enclosures With ‘Lid Closed’ Installation

There’s much to love about aluPLUS (IP 66/67) diecast aluminum enclosures. For a start, they’re available in eight industry-standard sizes to make it easier to upgrade from the enclosures you may already be using.

Their advanced technical features include lid-closed installation (to protect the electronics and seal); clip-on plastic trims to hide the fixing and mounting screws; lid retaining straps; a generous lid recess for fitting a membrane keypad or product label. Inside, there are threaded screw bosses for fitting PCBs, mounting plates and terminal rails.

Plastic technoPLUS (IP 66/67/69K) offers similar features: lid-closed installation, recessed lid with retaining straps, threaded screw bosses inside. But the covers for the lid screws and mounting screws are slightly different; they’re hinged, which we believe is an improvement on the original aluPLUS design.

The sharp-eyed among you will also have noticed that technoPLUS offers a wider choice of IP ratings than aluPLUS – making it the choice of the two models if your enclosures need IP69K protection from regular jet washing or steam cleaning. Yes, you read that correctly – in this instance, the ASA Luran enclosure is more resilient than its diecast aluminum counterpart when it comes to safeguarding your electronics from water ingress.

And there’s a reason for that: technoPLUS is designed for mounting on poles or masts in exposed locations in all weathers. It has a special bracket (available as standard) which enables secure mounting – either horizontally or vertically – with either plastic or metal straps.

However, technoPLUS is available in five sizes (three fewer than aluPLUS) and they’re not industry-standard. They’re not the same sizes as those in the aluPLUS range – so size-wise, the two models are not interchangeable.

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