Diecast aluCASE vs Plastic starCASE

The big difference between our premium aluCASE diecast enclosures and our ASA starCASE enclosures is ingress protection: aluCASE is IP 66/67/69K whereas starCASE is IP 66. That factor alone may be the one that determines your choice.

But it would be a shame if ingress protection were your only consideration (important though it is) – because starCASE has a great deal to offer. Not least in its aesthetics, which are slightly curvier than those of aluCASE.

Both models offer lid closed installation plus the usual lid recess and concealed fixings – but where aluCASE has clip-on plastic or aluminum trims, starCASE’s trims are connected to the lid with integrated hinges. You might accidentally drop aluCASE’s trims during installation or removal but not starCASE’s. Color-coded trims are available for both models – red, blue or anthracite (in addition to the standard window gray for aluCASE or light gray for starCASE).

However, there’s no contest when it comes to the range of sizes: aluCASE wins hands down with 29 sizes, compared with just eight for starCASE. Both models offer RFI/EMI shielding, integrated lid supports and a lock – but aluCASE’s options list also includes a corrosion-proof coating, hinges and a transparent lid.

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