Industrial applications requiring stainless steel enclosures tend to be more specialized so the range is concentrated on inoCASE and inoBOX, both of which are available in A4 stainless steel. (inoBOX is also offered in A2 stainless steel). Both models can be specified with either a ground or polished finish (which offers a higher degree of corrosion resistance).

inoCASE A4 (IP 66, IP 67, IP69K) provides very high levels of protection for industrial and marine equipment. Features include captive lid screws, injected full-silicone gaskets, and fastening brackets in the base for attaching circuit boards, terminal rails and mounting plates. Separate fastening channels mean these enclosures can be mounted without the need for external brackets or for drilling holes in the sealed interior.

inoBOX A2 (IP 66)  and A4 (IP 66) have no mounting channels, maximixing each enclosure’s internal space. There are spacers in the base section for installing circuits boards, supporting rails or mounting plates.

A2 stainless steel is also known as 304. It’s the most popular grade of stainless steel because it’s used for cutlery and household appliances. You’ll sometimes see it described as 18/8 (because it contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel).

A4 stainless steel provides greater corrosion resistance than A2. It is 18/10 (18% chromium, 10% nickel). It is also referred to as 316. Grade 316L has a lower carbon content, providing even greater protection from corrosion; 316L is surgical steel used for medical applications where the metal is in direct contact with the human body.


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