What if you don’t need your profiPANEL enclosures built to a millimetre-specific custom size? What if one of four standard sizes from 15.74" x 15.74" x 3.54" to 23.62" x 20.47" to 3.54" would suit your application?

Cost-effective profiPANEL STANDARD offers the same practical construction advantages of normal profiPANEL. It can house panel PCs with screens from 10” to 21”. And it’s just as customizable in terms of machining, bespoke colours, engraving, laser processing, digital printing and all the other in-house services that ROLEC offers.

But it can be manufactured at a lower cost and shipped faster because all the components are held in stock. The range of accessories is slightly smaller (no keyboard or mouse trays) but the handles, wall connectors and mounting bracket set are still available. And so are the gray, red, blue or black corner covers for easy branding or color coding.

Remember how we said at the start that multiPANEL was the choice for small volumes and profiPANEL was better for larger batches? Well, profiPANEL STANDARD is great for small volumes too. That makes it a very sensible choice for smaller operations with modest budgets. Or for anyone who simply likes superb value.


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