Elegant And Effective New taraSMART Suspension Arms

New taraSMART support arms system

Modern machine control for industrial electronics means touchscreens and displays. Those panels don’t have to be large, so you don’t always need a heavy-duty suspension arm to support them. But it’s good to know that the arm you’re specifying for lighter panel PCs can still handle heavier loads if you need to upgrade to a larger command enclosure later on.

Robust new taraSMART (IP 54) is the latest addition to ROLEC’s wide range of modular suspension arms. It benefits from the same smart design as our proven profiPLUS 50 and 70 suspension arms but is simpler and more cost effective. The aim was to create a compact and elegant suspension arm for light-to-medium loads – and to make it available at a lower price point.

Sophisticated taraSMART offers a choice of coupling variants so you can connect either narrow or deep control enclosures – whether you opt for a manufacturer’s display or an HMI enclosure such as multiPANEL or profiPANEL. Specify these ROLEC panel enclosures in any plan size you like up to 31.5" x 31.5" (800 x 800 mm).

taraSMART PC couplings

Connect Panel PCs To taraSMART Without Adapters

Once again, ROLEC has made it quick and easy to fit panels to our advanced suspension arms; taraSMART features a Ø1.89" (Ø48 mm) bracket, enabling you to connect Siemens, Beckhoff and B&R and other panel PCs with a round tube frame – without the need for additional adapters.

But there is more to this design than simply having the right bracket. Generous routing capacity – with enough space for a wide range of HDMI, patch cables, DVI, USB, cold-device plug cables and connectors – ensures an optimum connection with the display panel to be supported. Installing taraSMART is easy, and horizontal alignment of the complete system assembly is possible at all joints.

taraSMART Suspension Arm System

Configure Your Perfect Suspension Arm

Specifying a modular suspension arm enables you to have the best of both worlds when it comes to choosing between a standard and a customized solution. You’re configuring an arm tailored to your precise requirements – but you’re doing so using standard off-the-shelf components that are familiar, tried and tested.

The taraSMART modular suspension arm system comprises:

taraSMART couplings
  • Couplings – four types, all diecast from aluminum silicon alloy (G Al Si 12). All four can be used for pivoting, hanging and upright installations. Component weights range from 580 to 970 gm.
taraSMART support profiles
  • Support profiles – four rectangular profile and four round profile (Ø1.89" ) tubes. The profiles are manufactured from silver anodised extruded aluminium. Each profile shape is available in four standard lengths (9.84", 19.68", 29.52" and 39.37"). Profile weights range from 720 to 3,600 gm.
taraSMART system elements
  • System elements – a socket joint, wall joint, intermediate joint, base and two elbow profiles. All are cast from G Al Si 12. Find out more here about which elements enable horizontal adjustment and which you will need for your chosen configuration (pivoting, hanging or upright).

All diecast elements are powder coated in light gray (RAL 7035) as standard. Other colors can be specified as an option. All plastic covers are anthracite gray (RAL 7016) as standard. The Chloroprene O-ring gaskets can withstand temperatures from -30°C to +90°C.

taraSMART load ratings

Load Capacity of taraSMART Suspension Arms

How much weight the arm will support will depend on a number of factors including the length of the profile(s) and whether you have specified an intermediate joint. Based on a profile length of 39" (1 m), taraSMART can support loads of around 45 kg. That drops to around 35 kg if you specify an intermediate joint. Load capacity drops to 30 kg (25 kg with intermediate joint) if you increase the profile length to 59" (1.5 m).

taraSMART verses taraPLUS

Which Suspension Arm? New taraSMART Or Existing taraPLUS?

New taraSMART is the all-new alternative to our existing taraPLUS range of multivariable suspension arms for light-to-medium loads. Proven taraPLUS remains a popular choice because it too is quick and easy to assemble on site – and because it offers the choice of combining rectangular and round profiles for increased static equilibrium. Find out more here about taraPLUS’s load bearing capacity and system specifications.

Need to fit Beckhoff display panels? View our dedicated taraPLUS Beckhoff suspension arms. Like the main taraPLUS range, they feature large openings in the system parts to enable easy routing of cables.

Further Reading

Get Expert Advice On Suspension Arms

ROLEC offers seven different ranges of modular suspension arms for industrial electronics: taraSMART, taraPLUS, taraPLUS Beckhoff and profiPLUS 50 for light-to-medium loads; QUADRO 50 for medium loads; profiPLUS 70 for medium-to-heavy loads and QUADRO 80 for heavy loads.

Contact ROLEC for specialist technical advice on configuring and specifying the best suspension arms for your applications. Call us to discuss your complete system requirements. We can advise on the most suitable enclosure/suspension arm pairings for your needs.

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