Compare ROLEC’s aluDISC and technoDISC Round Enclosures

aluDISC IP 67 diecast enclosures



ROLEC’s aluDISC is the world's first round diecast aluminum enclosure for industrial electronics. The unique design integrates perfectly with modern machinery and industrial environments. No matter if it is mounted on a wall, to a pipe system or a machine housing, the round aluDISC shape will always make a great impression.

Standard features include IP 66 and IP 67 protection classes (IP 69K is an option), a recessed lid for fitting a membrane keypad or product label, snap-on design covers which hide the lid screws and mounting holes, lid retaining straps and an optional hinged IP 65 transparent cover.

The enclosures are available in four highly useful sizes from 4.33" x 3.81" x 2.16" to 7.48" x 7.05" x 3.54", delivering optimum internal space for mounting a wide variety of electronic and electrical components. Screw bosses in the base and lid for fitting PCBs, mounting plates etc. The enclosures can be mounted without opening the lid which means your electronics remain protected at all times. Matching cable glands and other accessories are also available.

We can supply aluDISC enclosures fully customized to your requirements.

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technoDISC IP 67 plastic enclosures



ROLEC’s technoDISC is a unique range of high performance plastic enclosures for industrial electronics. It is especially ideal for Industry 4.0 and IIOT applications.

The enclosures have a modern and highly attractive individual appearance with no visible fixing screws. Dark grey snap-on lid trims hide all of the assembly and mounting screws — providing tamper protection. The lid is recessed for locating a membrane keypad, front plate or product label.

The technoDISC housings are available in four standard sizes from 4.33" x 3.81" x 2.16" to 7.48" x 7.04" x 3.54" with plenty of space inside for PCBs and electronic components. The enclosure can be mounted without opening the lid using the separate mounting channels (protecting the electronics inside). Screw pillars are molded in the lid and base sections for fitting PCBs, mounting plates and electronic assemblies. Accessory lid retaining straps, internal mounting plates and cable glands are available.

We can supply aluDISC enclosures fully customized to your requirements.

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