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Get the best RFI/EMI shielding for your electronics

Blog - September 2017

Electromagnetic shielding – aka EMC shielding or RFI/EMI shielding – is vital to prevent your electronics from interfering with the immediate environment.

Or to stop electromagnetic interference in the environment from troubling your sensitive device!
EMC protection is created by surrounding your electronics and cables with conductive materials to guard against incoming (or outgoing) emissions of electromagnetic frequencies – effectively employing a Faraday Cage around the equipment.

It’s not rocket science but you’d be surprised how something this simple can still cause difficulties because of one weak point…the EMC gasket used to ensure conductivity around the enclosure.
Here’s the problem…

Shielding Gaskets (And The Superior Alternative)

Shielding gaskets tend to be fragile and expensive because of the way they are manufactured. Many of these gaskets are little more than ultra-thin wire mesh wrapped around a pliable extrusion to ensure good contact.

So they can be vulnerable to damage – particularly if the enclosure lid has to removed and replaced regularly for inspection and servicing of the electronics. And especially if you’re operating in a tough industrial environment. The cost of replacement shielding gaskets soon adds up!

There are two potential solutions…

If your application falls into the ‘fit and forget’ category then one option is to specify an enclosure that offers ‘lid closed’ installation. You don’t have to open up the housing to screw it into place so your shielding gasket will remain untouched once the lid is fitted. And there it will stay – undisturbed, undamaged.

But there is a second and even better option – specify an enclosure that offers built-in RFI/EMI shielding, removing the need for a gasket altogether.

conFORM EMC Enclosures

conFORM Enclosures

ROLEC’s conFORM (IP 66/67) aluminum enclosures offer much better RFI/EMI protection because of their smart design. Uncoated teeth in the base connect with a contact rail in the lid to ensure guaranteed metal-to-metal contact – no gasket is needed. This offers high shielding from RFI/EMI interference (as tested by the University of Hanover).

This integrated shielding reduces the cost of the enclosures and also speeds up installation times. Options include IP 67 protection, a corrosion-proof coating, hinges, lid holders (on the first seven of the 14 sizes) and mounting brackets. View the conFORM range and watch the video >>

conTROL EMC Enclosures

conTROL Enclosures

Like conFORM, conTROL does not require EMC gaskets. But what sets it apart is the high collar rim that protects buttons and switches for applications such as industrial machine control. View the full specifications, choose from four sizes >>

Get Expert Advice On RFI/EMI Shielded Enclosures

There’s much more to specifying enclosures than meets the eye. Getting some specialist advice goes a long way.

Contact ROLEC for more information on industrial electronic enclosures with  shielding – and ask us for a sample.