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ROLEC’s biggest range of diecast aluminum enclosures

Blog - June 2018

In 1987 enclosures specialist ROLEC had a vision that would completely transform the design of diecast aluminum enclosures for automation and machine control.

Three key design features turned a pioneering new enclosure – aluNORM – into what is now the industry’s benchmark for technical excellence and dependability.

Robust aluNORM’s popularity has made it ROLEC’s largest range of industrial electronic enclosures. Its 86 sizes (1.96" x 2.55" x 1.57" to 25.19" x 12.59" x 4.72") offer a wealth of choice for OEM electronics designers seeking diecast IP 66 enclosures.

Three Design Innovations That Changed Industrial Enclosures Forever

This is the trio of innovations that made aluNORM such a big leap forward in the world of heavy duty electronic enclosures:

  • Innovation 1 – aluNORM features globally patented single screw channels. The screws that mount the enclosure to a wall, machine or bulkhead sit in the same channels as the lid screws. This frees up vital space inside the enclosure, enabling designers to specify smaller sizes and so reduce costs.
  • Innovation 2 – aluNORM uses a modular construction system that offers four possible variants for each plan size. It does so in a very simple way; each size comprises two interchangeable sections – one a deep base, the other a shallow lid. Specify two lids to create a shallow enclosure; or two bases to create a deep enclosure; or one of each to create two types of medium-depth enclosure (deep base/flat lid or flat base/deep lid).
  • Innovation 3 – it seems incredible now but even as late as 1987 the diecast enclosures sector had yet to adopt standard sizes. Enclosure technology innovator Friedhelm Rose used a mathematical formula to determine aluNORM’s sizes…making it easier to specify a range of different enclosure capacities for a project. 
aluNORM fixings

Single fixing channel 
gives more space


high base, low lid


deep base, deep lid


low base, deep lid


low base, low lid

Toughness Built In As Standard (With Even Tougher Options)

All ROLEC aluNORM enclosures are rated IP 66 as standard – providing protection against temporary flooding. Specify the optional IP 67 seal if the enclosure must withstand prolonged immersion. For more information, view our guide to IP ratings and see our range of IP 67 enclosures.

The standard Chloroprene O-ring gasket (CR) offers a temperature resistance of -30°C to +90°C. You can extend the operational temperature range by specifying a:

  • TPE molded gasket, silicone-free (-40°C to +120°C)
  • silicone gasket (-50°C to +140°C).

All the enclosures are powder coated silky gray (RAL 7032). Options include custom colors and corrosion protection.

Accessories for aluNORM include an internal mounting plate kit; two different types of external mounting brackets; DIN rails (TS15, TS35); a cross rails kit; terminal block support and two types of hinges (internal and external).

aluTWIN enclosures

Two-Chamber Diecast Aluminum Electronic Enclosures – aluTWIN (and aluFACE)

Many of the design features that helped to make aluNORM such a success are also available on ROLEC’s two-chamber aluTWIN (IP 66/67) enclosures.

Single screw channels are even more important on an enclosure like aluTWIN because there are twice as many lid screws.

Its dual-lid configuration means you can open one compartment for maintenance or inspection without having to disturb the seal on the other. This is a real boon in challenging locations with a high likelihood of water or dust ingress.

ROLEC aluTWIN is available in four main sizes ranging from 6.53" x 3.93" x 2.16" to 9.44" x 9.44" x 4.05". There are also two KTE variants with deeply recessed lids designed to protect large machine-control buttons.

KTE 160 (6.29" x 9.44" x 4.71") and KTE 162 (9.44" x 9.44" x 4.72") are listed in the aluFACE range because of their deep lids. To compare the KTE cases with the main four aluTWIN enclosures more easily, see the aluTWIN accessories page.

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