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Specifying accessories for your industrial enclosures

Blog - January 2018

Details matter in electronics – especially when your products are destined for harsh and uncompromising industrial environments.

The difference between success or failure can easily come down to an IP gasket, using the right cable glands, an anti-corrosion coating – even something as prosaic as a mounting bracket.

That’s why ROLEC obsesses about enclosure accessories. So you leave nothing to chance.

The full range of accessories for each ROLEC range are listed here >>

Optional gaskets

Silicone Gaskets – For Higher (And Lower) Temperature Ranges

Think ‘gaskets’ and your first consideration is usually ingress protection – what kind of ‘waterproof’ do I need for my enclosures? IP 65, IP 66, IP 67 or IP 69K? But water is not the only enemy. Don’t forget temperature…

Specifying a standard TPE (silicone-free) gasket will guarantee your enclosure a working temperature range of -40°C to +120°C. Need greater temperature resistance? Specify a silicone gasket (-50°C to +140°C).

Silicone gaskets are optional on virtually all ROLEC enclosures. They’re fitted as standard to diecast aluminum (Ex) enclosures such as aluDISC-Ex and aluKOM-Ex. You’ll also find silicone -50°C to +140°C gaskets as standard on GRP cases such as polyKOM-Ex and polyTOP-Ex.

These gaskets exceed the operating temperature ranges of the enclosures (aluDISC-Ex and aluKOM-Ex -20°C to +60°C; polyKOM-Ex and polyTOP-Ex -40°C to +100°C) – so you can be sure they’re more than capable of withstanding extreme heat and cold.

polyKOM enclosures in industry standard sizes

Get Extra Protection From Corrosion

Diecast aluminum is strong, dependable, resilient and light – which is why it’s first choice for so many ROLEC electronic enclosures.

But if you need extra protection then we recommend the optional corrosion-proof coating – available in azure blue (RAL 5009). Another option for the marine and offshore sector is to go for stainless steel enclosures such as inoCASE. Specify optional electropolishing for added corrosion resistance.

External mounting blocks

Separate blocks - aluminum

Individual blocks - plastic

Separate blocks - plastic

Double brackets - aluminum

Double brackets - aluminum

Mounting Solutions: Brackets And Feet

External mounting brackets come in various forms to suit the intended enclosure. Some will be specific to a particular size.

Mounting options could be two separate feet or a single bracket. Feet offer the advantage of a greater variety of mounting options. This is ideal for difficult locations where space may be limited or the mounting surface may be uneven.

Screw holes can be flat or countersunk. Or they could be stadium-shaped to allow a degree of adjustment once the screws have been located – a bit of wiggle room. Some brackets may have little more than two notches at each end. These enable the enclosure to be detached quickly by removing two screws at one end and loosening the remaining two at the other.

See the mounting brackets for each range on the product accessory pages here >>

Internal mounting plate

Internal mounting plates

DIN TS15/TS35 support rails

DIN TS15/TS35 support rails

Cross rails

Cross rails

Internal Mounting Plates, DIN Support Rails, Cross Rails

You can specify enclosures with pre-fitted with internal mounting plates, DIN (TS15 or  TS35) terminal support rails or cross-rails ready for the installation of components. Mounting plates and cross-rails are supplied with mounting screws.

See the mounting plates and rails for each range on the product accessory pages here >>

Internal lid supports

Internal lid supports

Braided metal cable lid supports

Braided metal cable lid supports

External lid hinges

External lid hinges

Integrated Lid Supports And Hinges

Integrated lid supports are not just useful…they’re vital when you’re working at height, over water or anywhere else where dropping a lid is more than just an irritation.

These supports take various forms. On ROLEC industrial enclosures they’re significantly more robust than the thin plastic ties plastic used for some cases. Aluminum housings such as conFORM feature lid supports manufactured from tough braided metal cable sheathed in plastic for added protection.

Even stronger are the integrated lid supports used for aluKOM; they are articulated metal pins. They share two common features with the other type: both are extremely strong and fully concealed when the lid is closed. It’s here than the line between lid supports and internal hinges (for aluNORM) starts to blur.

Looking for something even tougher? Specify external hinges or hold hinges for cases such as aluNORM, aluTWIN and aluFACE. Hinges are also available for GRP enclosures such as polyKOM and polyTOP.

See the lid supports and hinges for each range on the product accessory pages here >>

Find Out More About Enclosures Accessories

Download the ROLEC catalog and on page 2 (or the inside back cover of the printed catalog) you’ll find 38 different accessories/options you can specify for your enclosures. From block terminal supports, display windows and design covers to captive screws, handles and fasteners.

So it has never been easier to specify standard industrial enclosures and have them customized ready for your PCBs.

Contact ROLEC – and ask us about free samples.