February 2011

Increased use of wireless technology is boosting demand for ROLEC’s tried and tested conFORM and conTROL EMC enclosures.

ROLEC’s RFI enclosures help electronics designers to overcome radio frequency interference swiftly, easily and more cost effectively with the latest in EMC enclosures technology.

The RFI shielded enclosures are specially designed to protect highly sensitive electronic components against radio frequency interference. They have been EMC performance tested by Hanover University in Germany.

These aluminum enclosures are manufactured from diecast GD AL Si 12. On the inside of the base section they feature small ribs which are compressed by the lid to form a high performance EMC contact between the two parts. As a result, the conFORM and conTROL ranges are very competitively priced because expensive and delicate shielding gaskets or contact fingers are not required.

Metal enclosures have always offered the best protection against radio interference but traditionally the weak point has always been the non-conducting seal. ROLEC’s conFORM and conTROL IP 66 enclosures provide superior ERFI/EMI shielding performance because they completely separate the sealing and conductivity functions. Uncoated metal teeth in the base of each enclosure link with a dedicated rail in the lid – this ensures complete conductivity independently of the separate sealing rail for the gasket.

ROLEC’s conFORM and conTROL diecast enclosures are available in the 14 most popular standard sizes with external dimensions from 3.11" x 3.30" x 1.73" to 10.47" x 6.53" x 3.93". All models are sealed to IP 66 or, on request, to IP 67 with a special gasket. The conTROL range also offers the added benefit of recessed lids for applications such as housing switches.

Both ranges of enclosures are powder painted silky gray (RAL 7032) as standard or silver gray (RAL 7001) at no extra cost. Custom colors are also available on request.

All mounting dimensions conform to industry standard sizes. Accessories include internal mounting plates, external mounting brackets, internal and external hinges, panel mounting kits and terminal mounting DIN rails.

These electronic enclosures can also be fully customized with holes and cut-outs, silk-screen printing or painting plus much more to provide a fully finished enclosure.

Features of conFORM and conTROL enclosures include:

  • IP rating: IP 66/EN 60529. IP 67 available on request
  • Material: Die-cast aluminum EN AC-44300 DIN EN 1706 (GD Al Si 12/DIN 1725)
  • Finish/color: Powder coat, silky gray, RAL 7032. Special finish & colors on request.
  • Options: Corrosion proof coating
  • Temperature range: -40°C to +120°C, -50°C to +140°C on request
  • Standard lid gasket: Thermoplastic TPE gasket (silicon free) -40°C to +120°C
  • Optional lid gasket: Oil & petrol resistant neoprene gasket -30°C to +100°C (IP 67) or silicon gasket -50°C to +140°C
  • Lid screws: Captured stainless steel screws
  • Certification: CSA (UL 508 industrial control equipment), GOST R (Russian Standards)
  • Mounting: Separate screw ports outside the enclosure interior.

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