November 2012

ROLEC has launched four new sizes of its sophisticated and user-friendly aluPLUS diecast electronic enclosures. These aluminum housings are now available in four more industry standard sizes:

  • 4.92" x 3.30" x 2.32"
  • 6.88" x 3.30" x 2.32"
  • 3.93" x 3.93" x 3.22"
  • 6.29" x 3.93" x 3.22"

It means that aluPLUS enclosures are now available in eight sizes. ROLEC aluPLUS IP 66 housings have been designed to make installing electronics and electrical components much faster and easier.

ROLEC’s aluPLUS range is specifically designed for modern industrial applications such as process control, monitoring and detection, industrial measuring, flow metering and machine controllers.

Unlike generic diecast electronic enclosures, aluPLUS has a very modern external design which includes unique clip-on lid trims. These fit into the lid section – concealing both the assembly and wall/panel mounting screws. No fixing screws are visible once the lid trims have been clipped into place, giving the enclosures a clean and modern appearance. This also helps to deter tampering. No external mounting brackets are needed because the enclosures can be mounted to a panel, wall or a machine housing while still assembled.

This ‘lids closed’ installation method avoids any possible damage to the components or sealing gasket. The clip-on lid trims are simply snapped into place once the unit is mounted. Every aluPLUS enclosure also features a lid recess as standard, making it easy to fit a membrane keypad or polycarbonate label.

ROLEC aluPLUS enclosures are rated to IP 66 as standard but can also be specified to IP 67 with special factory fitted gaskets. The enclosures are manufactured in diecast aluminum material GD AL Si 12/DIN 1725 and powder painted in a fine textured light gray, RAL 7035. Screw bosses are provided in the base and lid sections for PCBs, mounting plates, earth connections and other components (screws included).

Accessories include special lid fixing screws with integrated retaining straps. These hold the lid in place during installation and servicing.

ROLEC also offers a full customizing service on these enclosures with CNC milling, drilling, silk-screen printing, assembly of cable glands and terminals and much more – providing a fully finished housing ready for fitting the equipment.

Features of ROLEC aluPLUS diecast enclosures:

  • Modern aluminum enclosures for electrical equipment and industrial electronics
  • Top quality enclosures that can be installed on walls, bulkheads, machines
  • Industry standard installation dimensions for mounting plates and PCBs
  • Enclosures can be mounted even while closed, protecting the electronics
  • Clip-on lid cover trims hide all the fixing and mounting screws – deterring tampering
  • Lid recess for adding a membrane keypad or product label
  • Internal screw bosses for mounting PCBs, mounting plates and assemblies
  • Compatible cable glands
  • Options include IP 67 and IP 69K protection, lid hinged/support, RFI/EMI shielding, high temperature gasket, corrosion proof paint.
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