Heavy duty handheld enclosures for industrial electronics

Handheld enclosures for industrial equipment

There are plenty of tough plastics but sometimes only metal will survive the most demanding industrial environments. And if you’re specifying handheld enclosures that immediately poses questions about case weight and ergonomics.

But it need not be a problem – not when you’re specifying ROLEC aluminum handheld enclosures.

ROLEC is best known for go-anywhere standard electronic enclosures you can fit to walls, machines and bulkheads. But it also offers handheld cases:

  • Ergonomic diecast handCASE (IP 66/67) – available as Type S (with a display/keypad-shaped lid recess) or Type R (with an all-over lid recess for larger membrane keypads). Both types can be specified with or without a battery compartment (4 x AA or 2 x 9V)
  • Light and comfortable mobilCASE (IP 54/65) – its extruded construction makes it easy to manufacture cases to your preferred length. PCBs slide in, reducing installation times. Options and accessories include tilt stands, swivel mounts and battery holders (2 x AA, 4 x AA)
  • Extruded aluDISPLAY (IP 54) – like mobilCASE, aluDISPLAY can be easily manufactured to custom lengths. It can be handheld or surface mounted. Type T models can be fitted to taraPLUS suspension arms.

All these enclosures can be customized to your specific requirements. Services include CNC machining, custom colors, printing and engraving of legends and logos, RFI/EMI shielding and assembly of components.

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