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New Command Enclosures for Industrial Electronics
February 2019

ROLEC has launched tough new profiPANEL (IP 65) command enclosures – available either with or without a desk housing for a keyboard. It can be used on a desktop, wall mounted or fitted to a ROLEC’s profiPLUS 50 suspension arm.

New round plastic enclosures for IoT and Industry 4.0 electronics
November 2018

ROLEC has launched technoDISC – a unique round plastic enclosure for industrial electronics. The new housings are UV-stable and sealed to IP 66 (IP 67 optional), making them ideal for Industry 4.0 and IoT applications both indoors and outside.

ROLEC profiPLUS suspension arms now in two models
October 2018

ROLEC’s advanced profiPLUS designer suspension arms are now available in two models – 50 and 70. Elegant and ergonomic profiPLUS (IP 54) offers a huge range of couplings, joints and sections to create the perfect suspension arm for displays and HMI command enclosures.

ROLEC launches new HMI/display panel enclosures
September 2018

ROLEC has launched a new range of industrial HMI/panel enclosures (IP 65) for off-the-shelf and custom-sized displays and touchscreens.

ROLEC Extends Its aluNORM Enclosures Range To 86 Sizes
July 2018

Industrial enclosures manufacturer ROLEC has extended its rugged aluNORM range to 86 sizes across four variants.

New VESA display adapters for ROLEC’s profiPLUS suspension arms
May 2018

ROLEC’s profiPLUS designer suspension arms now offer new VESA adapters for displays with standard VESA 75x75 and VESA 100x100 fixing points.

New Options For ROLEC’s aluCASE Diecast Enclosures
April 2018

ROLEC has added new options to its aluCASE range of diecast aluminum enclosures: transparent lids, integrated hinges and a console adapter for desktop use.

ROLEC’s aluminum handCASE now offers four variants
March 2018

ROLEC’s handCASE metal enclosures for handheld industrial electronics are now available in four variants.

ROLEC polyTOP IP 66 enclosures now in 13 sizes
February 2018

ROLEC’s polyTOP glass-fibre reinforced polyester enclosures are now available in 13 standard sizes.

ROLEC technoBOX IP 66 enclosures now in 10 sizes
January 2018

ROLEC’s technoBOX ABS electronic enclosures are now available in 10 sizes, many of which are compatible with other standard products.