Extruded Aluminum Enclosures Are Easier To Customize

Extruded aluminum enclosures

Specifying extruded aluminum enclosures for your electronics offers you useful advantages over fabricated or diecast cases – much lower customization costs.

It’s just a question of cutting the aluminum profile to your desired length. But that’s not the only benefit.

Models such as ROLEC’s mobilCASE handheld enclosures speed up installation times because the PCBs simply slide into the single part box section. And if you prefer even easier access to your electronics then ROLEC offers a two-part version. It also enables simpler through fitting of buttons and keypads.

ROLEC mobilCASE is rated IP 54 for the two-part cases or IP 65 for the single-part version. It’s one of seven IP 65 enclosures offered by the company. You can specify mobilCASE with or without a battery compartment (2 x AA or 4 x AA) simply by choosing which diecast lids you require: flat (0.31") or deep (0.62"). These enclosures are available in six standard sizes (ranging from 4.65" x 4.72" x 3.14" to 6.61" x 9.44" x 5.11"). Custom sizes are available on request. And while mobilCASE is principally a handheld case, it can also be worn with a carry strap or attached with swivel brackets to a desk, wall or machine.

If you need something larger for displays then view ROLEC’s aluDISPLAY range of extruded aluminum controller enclosures. They’re available in three standard widths (display area) of 7.08", 9.44" and 11.81". The enclosures are supplied to the customer’s required length and can be held in the hand, wall mounted or fitted to a suspension arm.

ROLEC aluDISPLAY comprises an extruded case profile, two diecast end sections and a removable front panel. Like mobilCASE, it features internal guide rails for rapid installation of PCBs.

Choose from three types of aluDISPLAY:

  • Handheld/mobile
  • Type W with hinged brackets for mounting on walls or desks
  • Type T with an adaptor to fit the taraPLUS suspension arm.
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