Made to measure HMI and display panel enclosures

Manufactured to fit your equipment up to 31.5" x 31.5"

Even the most intelligent and automated industry 4.0 smart factories still require human involvement and monitoring.

These smart systems have human machine interfaces (HMI) – usually touch displays – of the highest calibre at their heart. And these in turn require a special breed of enclosures.

Today’s HMI/panel enclosures must be tough enough to withstand the rigours of heavy industry…but also ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing enough to meet the demands of increasingly discerning and sophisticated factory workforces across the globe. The perfect HMI enclosure must offer industry-standard features for ease of integration – but must also be highly customizable to meet the demands of each end customer and their technical facilities. ‘Standard but hugely customizable’ panel enclosures; it sounds like a paradox but they do exist…

Specify Custom-Sized HMI/Panel Enclosures To The Precise Size

ROLEC’s HMI/panel housings (IP 65) are made from elegant aluminum profiles. They are based on the highly successful multiPANEL range of cutting-edge command enclosures. Their design is state-of-the-art – virtually borderless with flush installation, a smart modern solution for off-the-shelf and custom-sized displays and touchscreens.

Their versatility makes them ideal for HMI applications across a wide spectrum of industries, whether using a glass touchscreen or a traditional front plate. They can be made to measure to any millimetre size up to 31.5" x 31.5".

Specific compatible housings are available for B&R, Beckhoff and Siemens equipment:

This makes specification and integration much easier – but ROLEC can custom-manufacture individual HMI/panel enclosures for any display (up to 31.5" x 31.5"). They are suitable for any possible mounting variant. Choose from three enclosure depths (2.75", 3.34" and 5.12") with five front installation options (including touch panels) and three door designs:

  • flush rear wall (fully bolted or with hinges)
  • 0.59" deep framed door with lock and internal hinges (overall enclosure depth 3.34")
  • 2.36" deep framed door with lock and internal hinges (overall enclosure depth 5.12").

Accessories, Customization, Suspension Arms

Accessories include an ergonomic handle for ease of manoeuvring when the enclosure is mounted on a suspension arm. As an elegant finishing touch, this handle can be laser-engraved with a logo. And if you think the standard enclosures look good, wait until you see a 3D model that shows your customised housing with your display and components.

HMI/panel enclosures are among ROLEC’s most customizable housings thanks to the aforementioned ‘specify to your sizing. There are plenty of other customization options available. Services include:

  • CNC machining – milling, drilling, thread-cutting, mounting stays, stamping, cutting and laser processing
  • finishing – powder coating and wet painting in special colors, printing, engraving, laser engraving, RFI/EMI shielding, films and membrane keypads
  • full assembly service – enclosure parts, electromechanical products, terminal rails, assembly plates, front plates, membrane keypads and fitting of cable glands.

ROLEC recommends profiPLUS modular suspension arms for mounting HMI/panel enclosures.
The profiPLUS 50 and 70 ranges represent the technical pinnacle of modular suspension arms for command enclosures and displays.

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