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Customization as standard? It sounds like a contradiction in terms, but that’s what ROLEC’s multiPANEL and profiPANEL ranges both offer. You can specify each model in any size you like – up to 31.5" x 31.5". And all as standard.

That’s because both ranges employ a profile-based construction method that makes bespoke sizes very easy to manufacture. So easy in fact, that customisation is the starting point – not an afterthought once the finished standard housing has been completed.

But if both multiPANEL and profiPANEL offer this huge level as choice from square one, which range should you specify for your HMI electronics? At headline level, the choice seems simple because the two models are destined for very different markets:

  • multiPANEL is an elegant premium panel enclosure for the very smartest of factories. It is best suited to small-volume applications requiring advanced functionality and cutting-edge designer aesthetics.
  • profiPANEL is a more cost-effective but highly versatile and very practical alternative to multiPANEL. It is aimed at higher-volume applications, especially machine building.

However, as you’ve probably guessed, there’s more to it than that: profiPANEL is no poor relation. Quite the contrary – in some areas of specification, profiPANEL offers greater choice than its sleek multiPANEL counterpart.

Think of it as a race between a beautiful sports car and a powerful muscle car. At first glance, the two may seem somewhat different. But they’re both the result of great design, they both deliver epic performance…and each can handle the challenge posed by the other.

It’s time to look at these worthy rivals in more detail…

multiPANEL enclosures


Advanced multiPANEL (IP 65) was the progenitor that preceded and inspired the creation of profiPANEL. Almost borderless and with flush installation, innovative multiPANEL can accommodate a glass screen for touch applications, or a metal front plate should you prefer.

With their aluminum profiles and stainless steel inlays, these enclosures are designed to look stunning and make a statement. The enclosures are available in two depths: 2.75" or 3.34". You can specify them in three versions:

  • bolted flush rear wall
  • bolted flush door – hinges enable simple opening without having to remove the rear wall completely
  • door with locks and hinges – offering even easier (but tamperproof and secure) access.

The front plate is connected permanently to the main case body. It can be specified fully customized ready for your electronics. The enclosures will arrive at your production line fully finished.

We recommend mounting multiPANEL enclosures on either a profiPLUS 50 or taraSMART suspension arm. They can also be fitted to wall pivot mounts that are available as an accessory. These mounts have a load-bearing capacity of 44 lbs and allow 138° rotation. Other accessories include handles, a choice of keyboard trays (14.96" or 17.71", rigid or swivelling), and a mouse tray for the 17.71" keyboard tray.

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profiPLUS HMI enclosures


Elegant multiPANEL might be a hard act to follow but profiPANEL (IP 65) is more than up to the task – and at a lower price point. Like multiPANEL, it uses the same profile-based construction system, albeit with polyamide (PA) corner covers in either gray (RAL 7035), traffic red (RAL 3020), traffic blue (RAL 5017) or jet black (RAL 9005) as standard. And profiPANEL offers the same flush mounting of a permanently connected front plate.

But unlike multiPANEL, profiPANEL offers a much wider choice of depths. By combining 2.36" and 3.54" profiles, ROLEC can offer profiPANEL in eight standard depths from 1.18" to 23.62". Hinged, lockable doors are available on all sizes; the hinges are on the longer side as standard.

And – again unlike multiPANEL – profiPANEL also offers an optional 2.36" or 3.54" deep desk for a keyboard and more controls. This 7.87" high desk provides plenty of space for routing HDMI or DVI cables, but if you want a bigger unit then bespoke sizes are available. Alternatively, you could opt for a 17.71" swivelling keyboard tray and mouse tray (both accessories). Optional accessories also include handles, wall connectors and a mounting bracket set.

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profiPANEL Standard enclosures


What if you don’t need your profiPANEL enclosures built to a millimetre-specific custom size? What if one of four standard sizes from 15.74" x 15.74" x 3.54" to 23.62" x 20.47" to 3.54" would suit your application?

Cost-effective profiPANEL STANDARD offers the same practical construction advantages of normal profiPANEL. It can house panel PCs with screens from 10” to 21”. And it’s just as customizable in terms of machining, bespoke colours, engraving, laser processing, digital printing and all the other in-house services that ROLEC offers.

But it can be manufactured at a lower cost and shipped faster because all the components are held in stock. The range of accessories is slightly smaller (no keyboard or mouse trays) but the handles, wall connectors and mounting bracket set are still available. And so are the gray, red, blue or black corner covers for easy branding or color coding.

Remember how we said at the start that multiPANEL was the choice for small volumes and profiPANEL was better for larger batches? Well, profiPANEL STANDARD is great for small volumes too. That makes it a very sensible choice for smaller operations with modest budgets. Or for anyone who simply likes superb value.

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  • Which HMI enclosures are the most elegant? multiPANEL.
  • Which model offers the greatest choice of rear panel/door configurations? multiPANEL.
  • Which provides the best protection for an additional keyboard? profiPANEL – because it’s the one with the extra desk.
  • Which model offers the greatest choice of sizes? profiPANEL – because of all the depth options.
  • Which is the most cost-effective? profiPANEL STANDARD.
Suspension arm systems


With five different ranges of modular suspension arms, ROLEC is well placed to supply the complete solution for your HMI panel and mounting requirements. Of the five, new taraSMART and tried-and-trusted profiPLUS 50 are probably the best starting point.

Both these designer suspension arms for light to medium loads complement multiPANEL and profiPANEL perfectly. They’re tough, dependable and designed to cope with the rigours of industrial environments – all the cables are routed safely inside the capacious aluminum profile sections.

Load capacity will depend on how you configure the arm; intermediate joints and bases will reduce capacity. But if you need a stronger arm, then you can always specify the bigger and stronger profiPLUS 70 for medium to heavy loads. There is even a 70/50 adapter if you want to combine the best of both the profiPLUS 50 and 70 ranges.

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